Our suite of Web3 tools is changing the way DAOs execute world changing missions. Now, anyone with a dream, small or large, can launch their project with Wonder!

Below, you’ll find our step-by-step outline for you to start your journey in creating the next rockstar DAO on Wonder!

1. Enter name and description

Give yourself a name and tell the world why you exist. Your name will be the title of your organization. It’ll show at the top of your workspace, in lists to contributors, and elsewhere in the Wonderverse. 

Your username (@daoname) will be how your organization gets referred to in social settings. Think of this like your Twitter or Instagram handle!

Your description is your message to the world. It can be why you exist, what you hope to accomplish, or anything else worth shouting out. It’ll be located in the header of your workspace and visible to all users.

2. Logo and Header

The logo is your DAO’s pfp - it’ll be used on your profile and in iconography.

Customize your workspace with a header image! Use it for brand awareness, to make an announcement, or just good vibes.

3. Category

Categories are another dimension to describe your DAO. This information is displayed next to your description alongside other metadata. We’ll also use categories to pair your DAO with contributors and a bunch of other cool stuff.  

4. Connect discord

Discord is the keystone to many, many Web3 communities. That’s why we’ve ensured Wonder works seamlessly with Discord, allowing you to import roles and streamline Wonder notifications to Discord channels. 

5. Review

Take a second to confirm the details around your DAO. Don’t worry! Anything saved here can be edited in your settings once your workspace is created.

You did it!

You created a DAO workspace. Now go change the world!

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