Yo GM fam! If you’re reading this, you’re early. Welcome.

This is the first installment of Wonder Product drops, a collection of posts diving into the Wonder product and highlighting key feature releases.

Our goal with this series is to communicate progress, celebrate wins, and perpetuate some interstellar good vibes across the web3 community.

In Issue #1 we’ll over three of Wonder’s main value propositions for DAOs

DAOs get things done. A necessary component of executing on lofty goals is understanding the steps that need to be taken and the progress of these steps. 

Wonder offers a Kanban style board that visualizes tasks, and separates Milestones and Bounties into their own respective areas for better organization. This board is easy to navigate via filters and search, and contains all key information relative to your org’s operations.

The boards are where the rubber meets the road for DAOs and their contributors.

This is building in public at its finest.

Fine grained roles and permissions

We get it. Your community is full of people from around the world with a wide range of interests, skills, and time. This diversity inherent to DAOs and Web3 is what makes the movement so appealing to many.

Unfortunately, DAOs having open borders comes with complexities. Not everyone should have the same permissions. The truth is, not everyone wants the same permissions.

Wonder enables operators to set fine-grained roles and permissions for their community members. This ensures  clarity around who is responsible for what so that no work gets left undone.

Flexible Payment Methods 

Wonder offers payment flexibility that’s a boon to DAO operators. Oftentimes, folks must switch between a number of tools to pay their contributors. This adds administrative overhead and is prone to error.

Working for passion is great. Working for passion and some dough is even better. On Wonder, users can get paid in myriad ways. Whether you’re a core contributor or a bounty hunter, you can get paid in multiple cryptocurrencies and even DAO-native social tokens.

Wonder will continue to bolster community payment, positioning us the must-have hub for DAO operations. Save yourself time and a headache – the choice is yours.

Do we have the best community of contributors? Probably.

Here’s what our contributors and core team are shipping for you:

List all shipped Fixes & Improvements

  • Snapshot integration - MyssingLynx
  • Documents Page - Cris
  • Hard delete tasks, milestones, and bounties - Jing
  • Command + click opens a new window - Val
  • Fixed confusion metamask login error messaging - Cris
  • Bolstered notifications settings page
  • Fixed an issue with notifications scroll
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in statuses not showing on Task cards - Junius
  • Added the ability to offer variable bounty amounts
  • Added [Creator] and [Time Created] to task Metadata
  • Link submissions now open in another window - Valentyn
  • Optimized navigation settings - Juniusfree
  • Cleaned up the wallet bar
  • Better error messaging is now present throughout the app
  • Fixed filter bugs - Junius
  • Added 404 page - Junius
  • Discord notifications for DAOs and individual users
  • Login via discord
  • Fixed a number of language inconsistencies throughout the app
  • Moved logout under settings
  • Users can archive task proposals - Junius
  • Token gating - Terry
  • Condensed Pod dropdown menu - Junius
  • Wallet address is displayed and copyable from Payments modal - Junius
  • Users can now request to join pods
  • Easy task share button  - Junius
  • Analytics tab - Andros

Listen, we <3 you.

We want to build an open world where you can build world changing projects while making good money and have a well balanced life.

If you’re a contributor, you can mint the POAP of this Product Drop by clicking here.

If you want to check out all of these tasty product updates, click this gm.

AND if you want to be part of our next product drop - GET involved. We're always looking for contributors.


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