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Board Redesigns
List View, Filter

The board is where the magic happens. It’s where the rubber meets the road. It’s where… okay I’ll stop. Your Organization and Pod boards are the focal point of goal execution on Wonder. Since you’ll be spending a lot of time here we wanted to emphasize beauty, flexibility, and ease of use.

We’ve upgraded our Kanban board, List view, bolstered our filtering system, and took a minimalist, dynamic approach to cards and iconography (float your cursor around to discover tool tips and more actions!)

Finally, we’ve broken out Proposals, Milestones, and Bounties and gave them their own sections. We felt this was appropriate in order to maintain views with only the most relevant information

Contributor Profile Facelift

The Profile is a contributor's Hall of Fame. Our goal is to showcase the best a person has to offer - their top accomplishments, affiliated DAOs, and so much more. While this just our first step, you can expect loads more updates to profiles over time!

Flexible Task Scoring with Points! 

Many partners have asked for points, so we of course had to deliver. Whether it’s for task sizing for sprint planning or Coordinape payments, points are a flexible way to understand the size of the work being done and who’s responsible for kicking ass. 

Admins can attribute points to tasks and pull a list of tasks completed by contributors, and the total amount of points completed by a contributor over a specified timeframe. You can run competitions based on points, use it for in-DAO reputation, and so much more. 

List all Fixes & Improvements

  • Twitter verification - Terry
  • Minimalist task cards - Andros
  • New Task/Bounty/Milestone create and edit cards - Junius
  • Labels for custom filtering and added organization - Squad effort
  • Mobile compatible sign-up - Valentyn
  • Additional chain support - Boba, Arbitrum, Harmony, BNB - Terry
  • Bidirectional GitHub Integration - Andros
  • Contributor Reporting - Andros
  • Tooltips across the entire UI - Never be confused again! - Valentyn
  • Recurring and repeating tasks - Cris
  • Easier share button for tasks - Junius
  • Relocate Wonder Tutorials button - Adrian
  • Lots of bugs we won't bother boring you with

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