Promoting a Sustainable Environment as a Digital Nomad

Rhoda Akanbi

In 2035, one out of three people you know might be a digital nomad, according to International Accounting Bulletin. Driven by the shift in jobs from onsite to remote post-pandemic, coupled with a need to experience the world and recover from the shaken reality of lockdown, many professionals across sectors have taken quite an absorbing interest in becoming a digital nomad. 

And why not? Being a digital nomad is a dream come true for people interested in exploring culture, traveling, and making memories in diverse places. It can be compared to being on an endless work and fun-focused vacation for people who are opportune to do so. Living as a digital nomad sounds engaging but not everyone is privileged enough  to take this seemingly exciting path of nomadic living due to several reasons, ranging from work type, health, or financial capabilities. 

There are numerous fascinating aspects about living as a digital nomad and sustainability culture is one of the most revered environmental pledges digital nomads abide by. 

Read on to discover how digital nomads promote a sustainable culture while reaping the benefits of travel, work, and play. 

But before we take a deep dive into the absorbing facts, who is a digital nomad? And why would there be a potential increase in nomadic living in the next few years? 

Who is a Digital Nomad?

Investopedia, a popular and reliable news platform, refers to Digital Nomads as location-independent people who use technology to perform their job and live a nomadic lifestyle. In simpler terms, if you work remotely, utilize technological services in the course of your work, and travel to random places, then you fall into the category of a digital nomad. 

Being a digital nomad isn’t complete without an iota of nomadic lifestyle. Nomadic living means the ability to travel from one place to another. There is a likelihood of you meeting a digital nomad at a restaurant or coffee shop, typing away on their Macbooks or in foreign restaurants, and trying new dishes. The catch is being able to blend the work aspect into a relaxing atmosphere. 

Steve Roberts, a writer and one of the first technomadics, is regarded as one of the early digital nomads. He started his journey of a nomadic lifestyle while perfectly blending it with technology when he rode 14,000 miles around the United States of America while maintaining his writing career. 

What an incredible achievement! Although it may seem like creatives have a higher chance of being a digital nomad than other work types, after the pandemic in 2020, remote jobs are now mainstream, leading to an increase in digital nomads. According to statistics, being a digital nomad seems to have exciting perks for fresh blood and millennials, but what benefits does it provide?

Why You May Be Inspired to be a Digital Nomad

The Productivity of Freedom

Have you noticed that as a worker, you tend to be more productive when you have the freedom to work on a project or task? Yes, autonomy increases your level of productivity and being a digital nomad gives you wide access to that. You can choose where to work as long as the atmosphere makes you productive. You can perform your tasks virtually by traveling to spots that make you feel at home. You possess the choice of managing your schedule as you fit. You may even take long breaks and fill them up with interesting activities like wine tasting events, a visit to a pastry shop, or a yoga class you fancy. Being a digital nomad grants you the privileges you probably did not enjoy while working from a desk in an office or home. 

Networking and Making Meaningful Connections

There is something poetic about meeting people on the road, in a coffee shop, or making friends with other digital nomads. Perhaps it's in the thrill of conversing with someone who shares your interest in a nomadic lifestyle. As a digital nomad, you stand a chance of meeting people from around the world, forging meaningful friendships, and exploring cultures. You may also adopt cross-cultural communication skills as you meet with several people. This may come in handy in your career. 

High level of Creativity

If you experience several cultures as a digital nomad, there is a high chance of you feeling inspired and more creative. Exploring other people’s cultures may come as different, but it can also spark bouts of creativity in you. Being creative is a high-paying skill in careers because companies thrive on creative ideas. As a digital nomad, you possess a wealth of creativity to draw from due to your experience in pattern disruption. With this handy experience, you can  think out of the box and find solutions to specific situations. 

Sustainability and Digital Nomads

Sustainability is a vital aspect of living, and with digital nomads in the picture, more damage may be incurred to the environment. Why?

Digital nomads utilize more resources from the places they travel to than residents of these places. They utilize more energy, electricity, and natural resources and are more likely to leave places with toxic footprints if proper measures are not taken in favor of convenience. Your work-centered but fun-focused traveling and nomadic lifestyle sound productive and fascinating, but it could be causing severe damage to the environment at large.  What are these possible damages and how do you mitigate them?

How to maintain a sustainable environment as a Digital Nomad

Nomadic living can be more sustainable if digital nomads live without harming the planet through pollution or waste.

Here are tips on how to have an enjoyable experience as a digital nomad while promoting sustainability

  • DrivingEnvironmental Protection Agency estimates that about 70 percent of carbon monoxide pollution comes from vehicles. However, driving is a more sustainable option than flying; it is best to drive where the distance is shorter. 
  • Flying: Several digital nomads require flying to respective locations, but despite being a fast and easy choice, it is more harmful to the planet. How do you make sustainable choices regarding flying?
  • Fly Economy: This may not seem to be the best flying option for you, but it is the best way of promoting sustainability as a digital nomad. Economy seats tend to be more than other flying options. The more people are on a plane; the less fuel is used during the trip.
  • Reusable items: Using reusable items as a digital nomad is another way of having a low impact on the environment. Be careful not to contribute to the toxic activities of using plastic bags or cups. Use your reusable bags or cups while traveling. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the downsides of being a Digital Nomad?

Like every concept, the digital nomad is not exempted from critique. There are several downsides to being a digital nomad; some of them include;

  1. Social Fatigue: The juicy flow of interaction in nomadic living can become tiring. Why? As absorbing as it is, it can also be draining as everything may turn out to be temporary, such as friends, interests, places, etc. 
  2. Lack of Savings: It can be hard to save or be consistent with saving as a digital nomad. Why? You are always on the road, traveling for the next spot for you to explore. This requires spending a lot of money. 
  3. Lack of work-life balance: Being a digital nomad means the lines between work and life will become blurry after a while. Your goals of living life more than you work may be forgotten. You may find yourself working more, eventually resulting in burnout and fatigue. 

What Jobs give you access to being a Digital Nomad? 

Not every sector  allows a digital nomad enthusiast to become one. Here is a list of our top ten curated jobs that allow you to explore culture, travel, and live as a digital nomad. These jobs require you to work remotely, giving you freedom and time to travel across several locations. Web3 is also a great avenue to finding a remote job.

  1. Content Creator
  2. Cryptocurrency Trading
  3. Virtual Assistant
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. Programming
  6. Blogging
  7. Graphic Design
  8. Customer Service Representative
  9. Photographer
  10. Digital Entrepreneurs


The most sacred measure a digital nomad can take to promote a healthier and more sustainable environment is to consider the impact of their actions on the planet. 

Little things like using straws or poor disposal of razors and driving fast leave toxic footprints behind even after you are long gone. 

Be more conscious of how your actions may leave toxic prints in the locations you travel to. 

With the estimated increase in digital nomads by 2035, if sustainable tips like the ones provided above are not followed, the planet might face a stronger wave of environmental toxicity. 

Be kind to the environment you visit. Show an act of kindness to our planet Earth as you leave non-toxic footprints for coming generations to embrace. 

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