Something exciting is happening in the internet world now. We are in the preliminary stages of transitioning to web3. Web3 is the newest iteration of the internet, built with decentralization at its core.

The inception of web3 opens up a window of new opportunities and career paths. While most roles already exist with our current tech, web3 jobs will require more understanding of blockchain technology.

This post will introduce you to seven of the most popular web3 jobs available for both tech and non-tech experts alike. Let’s dive in.

Why Work In Web3?

In recent years, blockchain technology has come into the limelight because of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The Bitcoin whitepaper, released back in 2008, spelled out the interesting fundamental principles on which blockchain operates.

Since then, tech experts have discovered other practical use cases for blockchain.

Web3 is one of the most disruptive applications of blockchain technology. It will revolutionize how the digital world handles data and processes business transactions. 

Web3 gives power back to the end user rather than large tech companies. Web3 users will be in control of their data and privacy. Also, they will earn rewards for participating in content creation or engaging with the web3 ecosystem.

The hype around web3 is building rapidly. Many web3 companies have materialized in the mainstream thanks to massive venture funding or acquisitions. For instance, the web3 digital identity startup Unstoppable Domains recently achieved unicorn status after crossing the $1 billion valuation mark.

Web3 companies enjoy significant support from investors and users who don’t want to miss out on the benefits of decentralization. Market projections show that web3 will sustain steady growth, possibly maintaining a CAGR of 44.6% from 2023 to 2030.

Without a doubt, web3 has a bright future. This is good news if you’re seeking to play a role in this next version of the internet. For one, web3 is still in its early stages, meaning there aren’t many experts equipped with the knowledge and skills web3 requires. 

Also, many roles are already available within the web3 space, with more opportunities arising as new projects develop. Currently, most web3 entry-level jobs pay better than similar roles in other spaces. 

Another advantage of shifting to a web3 job is career longevity since web3 is still in its infancy. If you’re considering a career in this emerging field, this guide will introduce you to web3 jobs commonly found in current job postings.

7 Web3 Jobs to Pay Attention to

Web3 Jobs: Blockchain Developer: a woman seated at multiple computer screens programming

The web3 ecosystem is vast, bringing together a range of technologies from the metaverse, NFTs, crypto gaming, decentralized finance (Defi), and more. Technical expertise is required to venture into most of these fields, but non-tech roles are also available.

A good starting point is to learn the basics of web3 and blockchain technology before choosing a role that suits you best. Most companies offer both full-time and part-time positions and other attractive options such as remote, hybrid, or asynchronous work.

Let’s look at seven of the most popular web3 jobs.

1. Blockchain Developer

As the flagship role in web3, blockchain developers develop and maintain the architecture and software that execute web3. In general, there are two categories of blockchain developers: core blockchain developers and blockchain software developers. 

Core blockchain developers create and maintain the architecture on which web3 software operates. They design the consensus protocols, which are the nodes that govern how blockchain systems verify transactions. For example, core developers are behind the design and maintenance of protocols like Solana and Polygon.

Blockchain software developers, on the other hand, leverage the foundation created by core developers to design software for specific use cases. This involves creating decentralized applications (dApps) or programming smart contracts, the two fundamental tools used to affect web3. 

Within these categories, there are many sub-roles. Let’s look at a few:

  • Frontend Web3 Developers: Frontend web3 developers focus on the visual elements of web pages or applications that end users interact with. They optimize user interfaces and enhance seamless user experiences.
  • Backend Web3 Developers: Backend web3 developers handle the server side of web pages and applications, mainly consisting of databases and operational frameworks. Backend developers require a bit more programming knowledge than front-end developers.
  • Fullstack Web3 Developers: Fullstack web3 developers combine the skills of both frontend and backend developers. They program both the client and server side of webpages. 
  • Solidity Developers: Solidity is a programming language for Ethereum, one of the largest and most important blockchain protocols. Solidity developers create dApps and smart contracts deployed on Ethereum. The demand for Solidity developers has risen significantly, though knowledge of other programming tools such as Javascript-based Node.js is essential too.
  • Game Developers: The popularity of crypto gaming is expected to accelerate quickly. In concert with NFTs and the metaverse, crypto gaming is one of the blockchain products that will support the full realization of web3. Game developers are the experts tasked with developing and managing gaming platforms. 

2. Web3 Product Manager

Web3 Jobs: Product Manager: A man speaking in front of colleagues

A product manager oversees the development and execution of blockchain-based products. Product managers develop strategies for building, launching, marketing, and distributing the product.

As a product manager, you’ll need to work with multiple teams involved in the product development cycle, including bringing a product’s vision to life and ensuring that it satisfies user demands.

The product manager role is highly competitive. Many companies prefer candidates with relevant industry experience and unique qualities such as problem-solving and thought leadership.

3. Web3 Project Manager

Project managers (PMs) work together with product managers to accomplish particular business goals. While product managers are the strategic thinkers who visualize and set the trajectory for a product’s development, project managers are the experts who lead the individual projects needed to realize the final product. 

Projects are a set of tasks carried out to achieve a specific objective. Project managers oversee that team members perform these tasks in line with the company’s goals. The roles of project managers include creating teams, setting timelines, drawing budgets, linking different stakeholders, etc.

The web3 project manager is one of the most common roles across the industry, as every web3 project will need one. Most project manager roles are full-time, given the number of tasks PMs handle.

4. Web3 Community Manager

Communities are the driving force of web3, especially DAOs. All web3 projects strive to build strong communities. Communities are important because they form the initial customer base for new products, test products, provide feedback, and offer advice and technical expertise.

A community manager acts as the link between a company and its audience. This role involves managing a company’s digital engagement with its users, providing customer support, and relaying relevant feedback.

Community managers moderate messaging platforms like Discord and Telegram, where users interact with product teams. They foster discussions that help to improve the product.

5. Social Media Manager

Social media managers are often confused with community managers. Though both specialize in audience engagement, these roles have some differences.

Social media managers communicate the brand voice across all of a company’s social profiles, including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Their content promotes the company’s products and attracts new customers. They also analyze trends in audience behavior and provide valuable insights.

Social media managers act as the brand itself, engaging their audiences behind the mask of the brand. A community manager, on the other hand, uses their own voice to build a loyal community, address customer concerns, and stimulate useful conversations. Social media managers focus on building the brand while community managers concentrate on building relationships.

6. Marketing Manager

As the name suggests, marketing managers are in charge of marketing a company’s products and services. They develop the necessary strategies needed to boost a company’s reputation and generate quality traffic.

Marketing managers also conduct market research and monitor customer trends. The insights provided by marketing managers are indispensable to web3 companies.

As a web3 marketing manager, you’ll need to understand both the product and the audience. While this doesn’t mean that you need technical expertise, addressing users’ pain points requires a working knowledge of blockchain technology and web3.

7. Business Development Manager

A business development manager (BDM) helps the company make strategic business plans, manage sales, and prospect new clients. BDMs keep track of and identify new opportunities to generate new leads. 

A BDM role is best for you if you’re an outgoing person who loves working with people. Soft skills such as negotiation, persuasion, and goal orientation are key to this role. You’ll also need strong research and analytical skills to understand the markets and develop effective growth strategies. 

The Future of Work

Web3 Jobs: The Future of Work: a man working in front of multiple screens and servers

Web3 heralds a new era of internet technology, one that’s decentralized and secure. The prospects of web3 are huge, with multiple projections indicating a sustained positive growth cycle in the coming years.

With this tech revolution, a lot of new opportunities have arisen. The high demand for web3 experts makes it a lucrative industry to venture into, not to mention the excellent career prospects web3 jobs offer. 

Whether you’re a software engineer or marketing manager looking for a new role, the web3 space has something for you. The future of work is decentralized, and web3 lies at the heart of it.

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