Wonderverse Orbit 1: Mission Accomplished!


Explore page

We love Web3. Why? A big reason is the diversity of people and the plethora of projects available for exploration, growth, and discovery. We built Wonderverse so these groups can collide, cross-pollinate, and work together to change the world. 

In Q3, we’ve released our Explore Page. This is the central location where DAOs and people discover each other– where we can help awesome people and awesome projects connect

Explore DAOs

Organizations now have their own section where they can showcase their mission and brand. New contributors can easily find projects they’re interested in, explore available work, and request to join. 

Explore DAOs Page

Explore Work

Folks who are looking for jobs to take on can head over to the “Explore Work” tab– where all public tasks and bounties live. We’ve even made filters to help users dive into the most relevant opportunities. 

Explore Work Page


Wonder is keen on facilitating positive change in the world. That said, new initiatives, like GR15 DEI, Climate Action, Crypto Advocacy, & DeSci, will be showcased on this tab of the Explore Page. Ain’t that sweet?

Explore Initiatives Page

Mission Control

Wonder has been built to put power in the hands of the user and to make the app experience FUN! With the cosmic vibes of Wonder, Mission Control  has become your place within the Wonderverse to jet-set your journey into web3. This page has two distinct modules: Contributor and Operator. Mission Control is your home for notifications, and has room for the addition of future powerful widgets.


Your contributor module will be your entry point to the key areas of tasks you’re assigned to. Here you’ll find quick access to your to-do, in-progress, in-review, and completed tasks. You’ll also see all the kudos you’ve received.

Contributor Workspace Page


An operator’s workday differs from that of contributors. In the Operator module, you’ll find access points for your organization and pod membership requests, community proposals, and all task and bounty submissions awaiting review.

There’s a well-known slogan, “The best part about waking up is Folgers in your cup.” We beg to differ. The best part about waking up is going to Mission Control to see you’re going to own the day.

Operator Workspace Page

Project Collaborations

Interoperability is core to the ethos of Web3. Not only are software solutions built to work hand in hand, projects themselves are joining forces. We know that the world’s problems are big, and if we want to solve them, we have to work together!

In Q3 we’ve implemented rails for Project Collaborations to enable organizations within the wonderverse to spin up a shared workspace. This workspace will have the same features – token gating, payments, roles – as org workspaces have. You might ask, “What if there’s a team outside of Wonder we want to work with?” Have no fear! Shoot them an invite and they can quickly join the platform.

Project Collaboration Widget

Global navigation updates

Traversing the Wonderverse has never been easier! 

You may have noticed some aesthetic and functional updates to our universal navigation– our goal is to gift y’all with new ways of working via Contributor and Operator workspaces.

Let’s run through our latest batch of changes below:

Global Navigation Workspace

Far left (top cluster)

Check it – we’ve tidied up the header by moving the search function over to the top right and clustering the Profile, Pods, and Mission Control buttons underneath the Wonder logo.

These buttons are bunched together logically, all applying specifically to the user (a.k.a you!). This is where one can access one’s profile, pods, and navigate to Mission Control to see all upcoming work on your plate.

Buttons (Far Left, Top)

Far left (bottom cluster)

The cluster below is geared towards giving one greater visibility into their organizations. With this, y’all are also given an easy way to explore more & more orgs, and even create your own!

At the very bottom we updated the iconography to ensure user clarity.

Button (Far Left, Bottom)


Finally, the star of the show: the new sidebar navigation! This addition provides an intuitive, scalable solution for navigating the Wonderverse. Here, you’ll find entry points to all of the most important parts of the platform broken out by category. 

To start you’ll have Workspace and Community categories, but we’ll be adding tons of exciting features down the pike that’ll be accessible here.

Side Panel Navigation Bar
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